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One of my hobbies, photography.

Fire breathing in the sky

Fire breathing in the sky!

Thought I would share just one of my many hobbies, I have many like cross-stitching, doing some crafting and creating things, doing genealogy and photography. My kind of photography is more nature related than photos of people but I do love taking photos of my family especially when they are caught off guard, more of a “natural” pose for me.

I took this photo while we were in Miami, Fl one evening. After we got home and I went through all the photos this one was just one of the many special ones I happen to take that turned out so awesome. If you like to look up at the clouds and see objects or animals in them then you’ll see this right away but if you are having a hard time figuring it out it looks like a dragon.

From time to time I’ll post some photos that I hope you will enjoy!


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