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Because I know telling you to shut up is rude!

OMG…boy do I have sensory issues, some I never knew I even had or well I never thought I had due to taking care of my boys, both are diagnosed with Asperger’s and I was just diagnosed this year so I never thought about all this for me just my boys.

I’ll talk about one sensory at a time and I choose Auditory. For as long as I can remember I’ve always had issues with certain sounds, a major one is people eating OMG it’s like my hearing is multiplied a millions times more than the average person! It bothers me so bad to hear others eating that either I have to leave or eat chips just to muffle the sounds because I know telling others to shut up is plain rude.

But it’s not just people eating that kills my ears it’s anything high pitched, sharp…like dogs barks, screaming children, squeaking shoes (like walking on a tile floor after coming in from the rain) or squeaking plastic. Loud pops, claps, yelling, tv/movie too loud, tapping (yea I know right…can’t tell you how bad that hurts my brain) and some hand dryers in public bathrooms, seriously they feel like a jet taking off!

But like I say I never thought about me until after I was diagnosed with Asperger’s and started really looking back on my life.

I just hope that the older I get I don’t just hollar at some poor soul “shut up, you’re killing me with your eating”..lol


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