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Knowing what I know now…

Ya know some people ask me, if knowing  that you have Asperger’s now is better than had you known all your life since childhood??? My answer is this, I’m 42 and just diagnosed back in January, even though I wasn’t diagnosed in my childhood years makes no difference now because I’ve always known I was odd and different from other girls.

Then too, back when I was a child Asperger’s was not talked about, doctors wasn’t as informed, teachers had no idea and of course parents as well as everyone else thought we were spoiled brats, strange, mentally challenged and out of control at times. Though Asperger’s has been around a long time, just not well known as it is today and even now for females with Asperger’s it’s still not well known…yet!

I got therapy back when I was a child but only through the school system, nothing outside of that.
These days I do see a counselor, she helps me realize things I need help understanding, helps me understand my meltdowns as sometimes it can be big nasty ones where I do some self harm (sometimes if my meltdowns are big I may open hand smack my head, scratch my arms, throw objects, hit the wall, etc…) and she helps me with every day issues.

Knowing what I know now, hmm, well put it this way can’t change it and it’s not going to disappear or go away so might as well learn and grow from it, pass on what you know to let others know that Asperger’s isn’t just for boys, girls can have it too and that’s what I know now.


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