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Get to know me part 2…

So really not sure where I left off or where to begin, yet again, but I’ll just start where I think I should and go from there, if I ramble I apologize as sometimes I do tend to.
Anywho, let’s begin….

My childhood…in looking back I can now see things that made me stand out from my other peers, though back in the 70’s and 80’s Asperger’s wasn’t heard of nor was OCD or anxiety or sensory issues. All we were back then was labeled as a difficult child or slow learner, which yes I was tested and they said I was a slow learner with math and had some speech issues. Really I had Asperger’s, OCD, anxiety and sensory issues but of course they didn’t know back then.

I remember in first grade during learning time when everyone was to work in a workbook and learn I was on the floor by the books reading. I picked up reading at an early age, spelling I was excellent at, writing I had no problems but math that is a different story and remembering numbers was a nightmare for me.
Being in speech helped me with some of the “literal” issues, course to this day I’m still very literal thinking and hard to know when someone is joking with me or “pulling my leg”.
And 7 years of being in a separate class for my math learning disability helped some but I still can’t get fractions, heck I can’t do anything beyond division! Oh well, I know enough to get by.

I was definitely not the typical little girl who played with Barbies, I did but what I mean is I could play with dolls and Barbies then turn and play with cars, yes I did line them up though I usually lined everything up even my food!
OK so speaking of food, with chips I always did and still do sort my chips..Lol..from smallest, broken and then big. I like food but am pretty darn picky too but was worse when I was younger.

I’m not very “girly”, I don’t care about make-up, don’t care about my appearance too much. I was however brought up to make certain my appearance was basically presentable, my hair in place and clothes clean and I didn’t smell.

When in school I learned to “mask” myself, or well kind of like wear a pretend mask so no one would know I was different or appear odd. I would watch how other girls would do, behave and would mimic them.
I grew up with a girl who we went to daycare together and lived just a house up from each other, she became my best friend and I learned a lot from her. We are still close to this day.

Friendships, I just don’t get them even though I do have the one bff. Usually others use me for certain things, abuse my kindness and little gullible naive ways because they learn I have a hard time saying no.

In closing I must say that I’m happy with my Aspie diagnosis, I’m still learning things and have a great counselor who is helping me with my many, many issues. Guess you could say I’m still a work in progress at 42!


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