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Movie theaters creep me out!

My anxiety/OCD issues are peaking all because we are taking the boys to see Jurassic World, not to mention it’s also a social thing which usually freaks me out some but I usually try to “chill” myself out by thinking to myself of pleasant things or counting.

But let’s get to the gist of this post, why the movie theater creeps me out. OK, so first thing I do is I look at the floors and seats wondering how well they cleaned or sprayed down…maybe I should break out my travel Lysol, hmmm, I just might if no one is in there or break out my hand-sanitizer. Crazy, I know but so can’t be helped.
Think about it, did the person before you wash their hands, do they have a contagious illness, the all horrid lice or bed bugs!!! Ugh…

OK gotta go…hopefully we won’t get eaten up lol!


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